Why I Love This Yoga

This is a yoga that I love teach because of the inclusiveness and the shared "energy" of the room. But it is also my preferred practice for amazing inner healing. Please watch my video to find out more.


Transformative Kriyas

A kriya is a set of exercises that take our bodies and minds on a journey of gentle healing. If you were to imagine our bodies like a rubik's cube, each move of the kriya helps to unwind a different layer... allowing us to gently unfold, unwind, and allow the energy to flow through all of our healing pathways.Ā 

Because the kriyas focus on our inner healing journey, they can be done equally by everyone regardless of fitness or age.

Healing Meditations & Pranayamas

One of the great uses of meditation is for healing - especially our nervous system (which is connected to everything else). This tradition is filled with healing pranayama for nearly everything you could think of. These meditations can be used by everyone in their own homes every day to truly heal and find inner peace.

Wonderful to Share in the Community

I have taught this yoga and meditation in public classes with 80-year-olds beside 4-year-olds. People in wheelchairs and serious injury are able to practice having as powerful experiences as the whole class.

This is wonderful to help in shelters, hospitals, schools, and support groups of all kinds... An amazing offering for any community.

It's Not About Postures

Many people believe that they cannot do yoga because they are not flexible or not fit enough to do the physical postures.Ā The western world has focused on "achieving" asana due to the way our mind strives for achievement. But asana is only part of some schools of yoga.

Kundalini yoga focuses on healing using breath, movement, meditation, asana, focus, and listening to our inner truth. This is what makes it so powerful and accessible to everyone.

Would you like toĀ Get Started?

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What Happened with Yogi Bhajan?

Yogi Bhajan is the founder of the kundalini yoga that was brought to the west. The technology that he brought was brilliant. As with many gurus, controversy has risen around him as stories from the communities are rising.

Please watch the video to find out more about why I still love to teach this yoga regardless of the status of its founder.