Katrina is not currently teaching regular Kundalini Yoga Classes.
But we have some fun options below!

Live Weekly Yoga with Kayti

If you would like to attend live Zoom yoga, we have a wonderful Kundalini teacher, Kayti, who is a graduate of my Yoga Teacher Training. She teaches every Tuesday & Friday at 12:30 EST in our free Online Community: Raising Vibrations. Just click the link below to join the community and then head to the EVENTS area to see Kayti's classes!

Join Raising Vibrations & Kundalini Yoga Classes with Kayti

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Package

This is a wonderful collection of videos that will help you get started in you kundalini journey!


10 Introductory Videos to Kundalini Yoga
52 Class Recordings from East Street Station
50 Recent Class Recordings
Special-priced "Yoga Consultation" link to talk about your yoga journey with Katrina

Let's Get Started šŸ˜Š

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Videos

YouĀ receiveĀ 10 videos introducing all the key concepts and philosophies of kundalini yoga to help you have the full experience.

Class Replay Library

These are recordings of 50 fullĀ kundalini yoga classes from 2022 - 2024.

East Street Station Yoga Library

This is a library of 52 recorded classes from my beloved East Street StationĀ from 2010 - 2014.

Ā You can pick and choose the kriyas that you'd like to do grouped by:
Gentle Sets
Spiritual Boost
Improving Circulation
Immune Boost
Total Detox
Rewiring the Mind
Conquering Depression
Core Strengthening
Complete Workout

Creating Your Personal Yoga Practice

Historically, yoga was a personal practice that we did in the privacy of our own home. We took regular time each day to go within, to commune with our Divine selves, and thereby healing our physical bodies, minds, and lives.

This package is a wonderful collection of kundalini yoga classes that you can use for your personal practice.

You can choose one kriya to do every day for 40 days. At the end of the 40 days, you can choose to continue or choose a different one.

Or, you can set aside an hour each day to do whatever class your intuition guides you to.

My recommendation is to start with the Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Package, watch the Introductory videos and try out a few recorded classes. This might just get you on your way!

If you have any questions as to modifications, which kriya or meditation to start with, or questions about the yoga, with your package, you will also receive a special place to book a "Yoga Consultation with Katrina".

Get Started with Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Package

Special Kundalini Classes with Katrina

Beginning Fall 2024, Katrina will be hosting special Yoga Masterclasses about once a month to help us create regular personal practice and so that we can regularly gather as a community.

Just make sure you are on ourĀ email list so that you see the announcements for these special classes!

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

This is a beautiful yoga that is truly for everyone. It is about healing from the inside out. It is for all ages, fitness levels, and yoga experience. If you have specific needs or would like to practice in a chair, I am happy to provide all the modifications you need.

To find out moreĀ why I loveĀ this yoga, please clickĀ HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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