Chakra 2.0 Series

"There is a world within - a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty; and although invisible, its forces are mighty." - Charles F. Haanel

1st Chakra  


This is the first of a series where we will explore the chakras in their truest sense. We often know the chakras through the dysfunction in our bodies and minds. But our chakras are actually perfect. Let's look at how to step into their perfection regardless of where our lives have taken us.

1st Chakra in The Light

2nd Chakra


How does the 2nd chakra light up our world? What does this flowing energy centre do to create amazing experiences with others and the world around us?

2nd Chakra in the Light (Audio)

3rd Chakra 


Let's explore the magical 3rd chakra - filled with ideas, thoughts, and philosophies of the world around us! What does this feel like in flow? How can we harness this power centre? Let's explore together!

3rd Chakra in the Light (Audio)

4th Chakra 


Anahat - Unstruck chord, immaculate, pure. Let's explore the divine love that is within each one of us. How can we access this? How do we release the challenges we have had? Let's explore the divine energy of our beautiful heart centre.

4th Chakra in the Light (Audio)

5th Chakra 


Let's explore all the aspects of the vishuddhi chakra. The ability to share our soul in a true way. How we receive guidance for ourselves and for the world. Sharing all of our truth all of the time.

5th Chakra in the Light (Audio)

6th Chakra 


The seat of intuition. True inspiration. Our gateway to the 7th. Our divine guidance. Let's explore how to fully engage with this clear-seeing aspect of our lives. Let's explore how to hear and trust it completely... opening amazing doors of possibilities.

6th Chakra in the Light (Audio)

7th Chakra 


Our gateway to the higher dimensions. The source of divine energy that we can bring into all of our chakra centres. Full access brings divinity into our physical experiences. Let's explore the feelings of divine connection and how we can live in this space all of the time.

7th Chakra in the Light (Audio)

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