Kundalini Home Yoga Studio Package

Let's get started building your personal journey to your True Self.

I would love to invite you to your own personal yoga practice. Historically, this is how yoga was done. It was a personal journey of healing, presence, and personal awareness. 

A personal practice is where we find the inner courage to move through challenges in life - by moving through challenges in our practice.

This is where the greatest changes occur within us and where we hear our deepest guidance.

What You Will Receive

  • 10 New Instructional Videos
  • Home Yoga Studio (52 recorded classes)
  • Recent Class Replays (50 recorded classes)
  • Special Link to schedule a Yoga Consultation with Katrina

The Recorded Classes:

The Kundalini Home Studio contains 52 classes when I used to videotape my live classes at East Street Station. People who couldn't come in person would sign up to receive a weekly class by email. So, luckily, all of these classes were recorded for us to enjoy today.

The Yoga Class Replay Library contains 50 new recordings up until 2024.

In kundalini yoga, each class is called a "Kriya" which means "cleanse". Each kriya has very specific exercises, movements, postures, meditations, breathing exercises, etc that bring our bodies, minds and spirit through a beautiful process of healing.

I often like to think of a kriya as a way of solving our own personal Rubik's cube. :)

I have organized the classes into categories:

  1. Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
  2. Gentle Sets
  3. Spiritual Boost
  4. Improving Circulation
  5. Immune Boost
  6. Total Detox
  7. Rewiring the Mind
  8. Conquering Depression
  9. Core Strengthening
  10. Complete Workout

Truly, all of the classes do all of the above. They each rewire our minds, improve circulation, detox our bodies, boost our spirits, help us sleep, boost our immune systems, etc. But there were so many classes, I thought this was a nice way to organize them so that we could easily find our favourites.

Creating Your Personal Yoga Practice

 This package is a wonderful collection of kundalini yoga classes that you can use for your personal practice.

You can choose one kriya to do every day for 40 days. At the end of the 40 days, you can choose to continue or choose a different one.

Or, you can set aside an hour each day to do whatever class your intuition guides you to.

My recommendation is to start with the Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Package, watch the Introductory videos and try out a few recorded classes. This might just get you on your way!

If you have any questions as to modifications, which kriya or meditation to start with, or questions about the yoga, with your package, you will also receive a special place to book a "Yoga Consultation with Katrina".

Let's Begin Our Kundalini Journey HERE

East Street Station

East Street Station was a beautiful old CN train station that I bought back in 2009. I renovated it into a wellness centre where I taught yoga, meditation, dance, tantra, had concerts, kids camps and so much fun! 

I sold it in 2015 when I realized that it was time to travel and move my world to one a little more mobile.

The video here was created by the Town of Goderich showcasing my Train Station to attract new businesses to come to Goderich.

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