Chakra 3.0 Series

"There is a world within - a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty; and although invisible, its forces are mighty." - Charles F. Haanel

1st Chakra  


What practical things can we do to heal our 1st chakra? How can we feel the abundance that is around us? How can we heal from our childhood traumas? How can we feel at ease here on Earth and like we truly belong?

Healing the 1st Chakra

2nd Chakra


How can we feel the flow in our relationships after many difficult experiences with others? How can we truly feel our emotions - letting them talk to us and guide us in our lives? Let's explore how to heal this wonderful energy centre that lets us experience relationships with others!

Healing the 2nd Chakra (Audio)

3rd Chakra 


What can we do to figure out why we are here? How do we sort out the ideas that we've internalized from others and understand our personal journey? Let's explore how to build our 3rd chakras from our perfection within so that we can easily digest the world around us and really enjoy our lives.

Healing the 3rd Chakra (Audio)

4th Chakra 


How can we feel love from the world around us... when this has not been our experience so far? What does it mean to receive love? How do we give love? What does this have to do with relationships? Or is it much more?

Healing the 4th Chakra (Audio)

5th Chakra 


How do we share what comes to us? How can we redefine personal expression to allow for easy and truthful flow in communication? How do we share our truth when this has been trained out of us in so many ways. Let's explore how to honour our truth and truly share who we are with the world.

Healing the 5th Chakra (Audio)

6th Chakra 


How can we start to trust our inner sight? How can we reconnect with this inner guidance? Let's explore how to trust what we see and hear inside and to let it truly guide our lives.

Healing the 6th Chakra (Audio)

7th Chakra 


How do we connect with the infinite world around us? What does this feel like? In a world heavily focused on the physical journey and successes, how can we explore the infinite bliss that our 7th chakra opens for us?

Healing the 7th Chakra (Audio)

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