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What is Satya?

Satya is our inner truth. It is more than just “what we think” or our opinion. It is the truth within us that connects us to God - to our Divine Self. Our yogic path is the journey to living a life that is fully in line with Satya – our truth within.

Many of our societies asks us to “fit in”, to achieve what they believe success is, and even to mold how we think and what we feel. But this does not honour who we truly are. It doesn't allow us to shine as the unique individuals that our individual fingerprints show us we are. Because of the cognitive, emotional, and physical dissonance that living out of alignment creates, we develop mental, physical, and emotional challenges. We struggle to love and be close to others. We struggle to find meaning in life. We struggle to find happiness and true lightness of being.

And so, this journey to Satya is no small thing. To go from where we are now to who we truly are according to our personal blueprint, we actually need to transform. We need to shift our philosophies, release our past, live in the moment, listen to our intuition, and find the courage to truly step forward in our authentic life - fully in line with who we truly are - Satya.

Creating Your Personal Yoga Practice

We have a wonderful Kundalini Home Yoga Studio Package that is perfect for creating your own unique healing and journey to happiness.

The package includes 10 Introductory videos to Kundalini Yoga, over 100 class recordings, plus a special link to have a Yoga Consultation with Katrina.

You can also attend live classes on Raising Vibrations!

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Living In a Time of Mastery

We are living in a very different consciousness than before. It is time to step into what we know - what we know consciously and are confident in and what we know within that we will discover by living it.


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